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Epdm rubber gasket
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Epdm rubber gasket



Rubber sheet EPDM / Ethylene - propylenediene terpolymer rubber sheet provides excellent properties for outdoor and high temperature applications, has good chemistry and electrical properties and rejects animal and vegetable oils, ozone, sunlight, and oxygen solvents. material that provides excellent resistance to heat, cold, oxidation, steam, water, and ultraviolet light. EPDM also has good resistance to hydraulic fluid phosphate esters and polar solvents such as MEK and acetone. EPDM rubber must be avoided using mineral products (fat oil, and fuel).



temperature Range: -40 F, 212 F


1mm thick to 10mm



The price above is for a thickness of 1mm



for other epdm Rubber product info, you can have a discussion first.

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